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                                       (Aug 02 2016)       Added some pics of the Nova Trooper Commander in the                                                                   1:12 scale Star Wars section.

                                       (May 29 2016)      Revamped the 1:12 scale Star Wars section and added                                                                   several new customs and model kits.

                                       (Mar 27 2016)       C-3P0 and two more Imperial Astromech droids have been                                                                   added to the 1:12 scale Star Wars section.

                                       (Mar 10 2016)       Added pics of the Resistance Troopers and Darth Vader                                                                   from "A New Hope" in the 1:12 scale Star Wars section.






      You have entered Net-Viper X's G.I. Joe customization archive. Contained here are a number of G.I. Joe and other related projects I have worked on over the years. Most of the projects involve re-painting and restoration of G.I. Joe action figures and vehicles, with others being more ambitious with physical modifications to the figures themselves.


The primary purpose of this page is to act as a main index for the various projects. As this site is still a work in progress, some links on the various pages will not yet be active, and with constant updates some page layouts may change over time.



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Non G.I.Joe Related Projects